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About Us

GR-ISSA is a local chapter of the international Information Systems Security Association (or ISSA) based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. GR-ISSA provides local security professionals and practitioners a variety of information security resources ranging from presentations and knowledge sharing to social networking opportunities. This site is dedicated to the Grand Rapids, Michigan chapter of ISSA. GR-ISSA was founded in 2003. For information about the parent international ISSA organization, you are encouraged to visit


Meeting Time

Meetings are held eight months out of the year on the third Friday of the month unless stated otherwise. Meetings are suspended during summer months (June through September) in recognition of vacations etc.

Social Networking 2:30 - 3:00 PM EST
Presentation 3:00 - 4:30 PM EST
Open Discussion 4:30 - 5:00 PM EST

Meeting Location

Chapter meetings are held at Steelcase Global Headquarters in Grand Rapids Michigan. Steelcase Global Headquarters are located on the northeast corner of 44th street and Eastern avenue. Guest parking is available free of charge, accessible from the 44th street entrance closest to Eastern avenue. Attendees are asked to use the main entrance facing 44th street. Upon entering the lobby a receptionist will greet you, please sign in and take a name tag. Chapter meetings are held downstairs in one of the multipurpose rooms near the cafeteria.

Steelcase Global Headquarters
901 44th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

Upcoming Presentations

Friday June 20, 2014 - Enterprise Malware Hunting

Presented by Christopher Payne, Manager, Information Security at Spectrum Health

The development and distribution of malicious software has become increasingly targeted and incredibly profitable while enterprise defenses have far lagged behind. Malware is not just the realm of kids trying to demonstrate technological prowess. International criminal organizations are now major players in this area.

While responding to "attack" noise potential threat vectors where the most sinister damage may be percolating may be missed. The criticality of hunting malware living in your organization can be seen on any news outlet. You can chose not to deal with it directly, but you may just end up dealing with it in the newspapers. Tracking down malware that cannot be detected or blocked by off-the-shelf, signature-based defenses can be done. Let the hunt begin.

Christopher Payne has held numerous positions in the Information Technology and Information Security fields over the last couple decades. He currently holds three active positions. Manager, Information Security at Spectrum Health; running the Incident Response & Security Engineering program system wide. Adjunct Instructor at Davenport University; teaching graduate and undergraduate Information Security courses. Finally, President of MidWest InfoSec LLC; which founded and annually runs the international Information Security Summit and Hacker Conference known as GrrCON.

Christopher has also spent a few years in active service in the U.S. Army, earned 2 bachelor degrees and a masters degree along with a myriad of industry certifications, such as: CISSP, CISA, CCSP, GPEN, GWAPT, GCIH, CISS, CCNA, CIPSS, CFS, CIOSS, CCA, MCP, as well as NSA/CNSS 4013 & 4011 recognitions. Christopher is a regular speaker on Information Security topics (2013: Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Louisville, Grand Rapids) and have been featured by multiple television, radio, internet and print organizations.

Past Presentations

Electronic presentation material are available, when provided by the speaker, with chapter membership through the chapter archives.


GR-ISSA Chapter Membership

To become a member of the Grand Rapids ISSA chapter we ask that you be a West Michigan information security student or professional. Membership benefits include access to chapter emails advertising coming events and peer commentary on topics of information security. Benefits also include access to email and presentation archives.

Chapter membership requires a multi-step process as outlined below.

  1. Begin the application process by providing a valid email address and choosing a password for your chapter account. You should receive an email seeking confirmation of your email address.
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email. Once confirmed, a moderator will contact you via email.
  3. The moderator will ask for additional information about you such as title, organization and contact information. You will also be asked to agree to the chapter terms shown below. Reply to the moderator to continue the application process.
    1. Professionalism: you agree to follow common standards of email etiquette.
    2. Relevance: you agree to only post messages relevant to the interests of GR-ISSA.
    3. Privacy: you agree to not breach the privacy of list participants (e.g. by not revealing names or forwarding content without the owner's permission).
    4. No advertising: you agree to refrain from advertising any product or service.
  4. The moderator will issue a final email either granting or denying your chapter membership.

Chapter members will be added to the chapter mailing list, [].

GR-ISSA Chapter Dues

GR-ISSA does not require dues. GR-ISSA solicits guest speakers that will donate their time and information. GR-ISSA also solicits local organizations that will donate their conference room facilities for a few hours each month to accommodate our monthly meetings. Combined, these donations of time, information and facilities have allowed GR-ISSA to waive all requirements for monthly or yearly chapter dues.

ISSA Membership and Fees

International ISSA membership requires an annual fee paid by either an individual or an organization as appropriate. Although ISSA membership is not required to attend GR-ISSA chapter meetings, we strongly recommend attendees to consider the benefits of ISSA membership. The international site also offers an online option for joining ISSA at any time.


The GR-ISSA archive contains discussion list (gr-issa-discuss and gr-issa-announce) and past presentation material. All archive access begins with chapter membership. Without chapter membership, you will not have access to the archive and its contents. Consult membership for details.

Archive and discussion list logon information will be synchronized. If your chapter membership is new or passwords where changed, you must wait 24 hours before the account settings take effect on the archive.

Chapter members will have access to the following materials:

  1. email archive for gr-issa-discuss
  2. email archive for gr-issa-announce (deprecated in 2007)
  3. GR-ISSA past presentation materials


There are a few options available for contacting Grand Rapids ISSA chapter members.

  • [gr-issa-discuss at gr-issa dot org], entire chapter member base.
  • [gr-issa at gr-issa dot org], prominent chapter members and the chapter executive board.
  • [gr-issa-exec at gr-issa dot org], chapter executive board.

Additionally, some executive board members can be contacted directly.

President James Czerew
Vice President Abraham Jones
Membership Director Doug Nibbelink
Treasurer Ben Szczytko
Secretary Matt DeVries


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